Gurmeet Singh Kapoor,a Jaipur (India) based designer and entrepreneur received his degree as a Fashion designer from the design management School in Adarsh Nagar, Jaipur.

Singh has proved that he likes to adopt his vision and work to each situation and the challenge of working with people who have different ideas.

His creative process begins with a scene, a story, a concept that he creates from some thing that he wanted or lived. His creations are unique yet instantly recognizable. ‘Intricate Embroidery’ and Pattern Work’ has become his signature styles which are synonymous to quality, longevity and timeless designs. Gurmeet Singh travels and provides endless sources of inspirations from INDIA to the market of the Entire World.

Founder and artistic director of SINGH OVERSEAS has worked for eight years as director of prestigious house of Luxury. He created SINGH OVERSEAS because he needed to confer clothing as another dimension.