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What makes any fashion garments manufacturing company stand out from the crowd? Why do customers and clients keep coming back to us time after time ever since we started? The secret ingredients to our success are not really secret because we follow the universal concepts of quality, delivery timelines, and design sensibilities of the contemporary period.

Catering to all market segments which include mass produced standardized garments to exclusively designed ensemble for very fashion conscious and image conscious customers, our mantra of quality at any cost has served us well over the years. The initial years were hard and slow because we refused to compromise with quality at any stage of production. But with great satisfaction we are where we are today on the strength of our commitment to quality. Our customers swear by the quality we deliver, because each piece of garment goes through a very stringent quality check at every step of manufacturing before it is ready for shipment. Even at the last minute we make a thorough check and if any garment has the minutest flaw, we ourselves reject it for shipment to the customers. This is why we have never considered the return policy because our garments follow the zero defect quality standards in manufacturing. Right from the beginning, we have religiously followed the Japanese principle of zero tolerance for sub standard or flawed products.

This zeal for quality has earned us laurels from our customers both domestic and overseas. Many of the new customers we add each year are referred by the old and existing customers, who value our passion for quality.

Another contributing factor in our success story undoubtedly goes to strict adherence to delivery schedule. This may not seem very important to many of our competitors, who forward excuses after excuses for not meeting the deadlines. Unlike these careless competitors, we lay great emphasis on timely deliveries. To ensure this, we go to great lengths often working extra shifts to make sure we are not behind in our deliveries. This aspect of our business is very important, because we understand the customers inconvenience when the deliveries arrive late in their warehouses. We always appreciate the fact that our customers must be ready with fresh arrivals on time to catch the demands of the season or trend. If these arrivals are late or well past their selling time frame, they will lose business, profit and also their reputation. Periods like festivals and events are the high points of selling opportunities and if the stores are not ready with their stocks, the customers will squarely put all blame on our shoulders and may refuse to do business with us in future. Therefore, we travel an extra mile and put additional efforts to ensure that our deliveries are always made in time.

The third commandment of being fashion and trend conscious we follow with equal if not more vigor. Not only we keep ourselves update with the latest in fashion industry in our verticals, but also try to be one step ahead of others. Fashion industry and garment trade is a very dynamic business activity and we keep our ears to the ground to hear the slightest changes. The markets we sell to have their own peculiar and defined taste in clothing. Being conscious of our market, we try to meet the market expectations and at the same time introduce our own individuality with our stamp of design capabilities to make us different from the competitors. This fusion of market sensibilities with innovative offerings has made Singh Overseas a name to be reckoned with. We closely track new path breaking designs and fashions, trends which are beginning to emerge, international fashion and local preferences, so that we can position ourselves uniquely to meet the challenges posed by the market. Our in house team of well qualified and experienced designers and merchandisers are on their toes all the time to exceed the expectations of even the most discerning customers.

Customer relationship plays a very important role in the continued success of any business, more so in the garment and fashion industry. Following the policy of two way communication at all times, we have developed a very effective and highly enriching customer relationship in our business. Customer feedbacks, opinions, suggestions and also complaints are taken seriously. This helps us in mapping the market, to keep tabs on our competitor’s strengths and weaknesses and to maintain a cordial and fruitful business relationship with the customer.

Doing business with Singh Overseas will make anyone realize our depth of commitments, management expertise and fashion designing experience.